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Welcome to MedEd Neurology, where your journey to mastering neurology is our mission. We are a trio of Senior Neurology Registrars, each with a fresh victory over the challenging Neurology Specialty Certificate Exam (SCE) on our first try, and with outstanding scores to boot.

We understand the scarcity of comprehensive question banks that truly mirrored the SCE and offered in-depth explanations of complex subjects. This inspired us to create something better.

At MedEd Neurology, we’re not just about questions and answers. We’re about immersive, engaging, and efficient learning. We present detailed explanations, often enriched with visuals like tables, diagrams, and mnemonics. We also suggest further reading to help you delve deeper into the subject matter. Our unique approach ensures you avoid repeating mistakes and enhances your revision process.

But we don’t stop at content creation. We believe in rigorous quality control. Our multi-layered peer-review system allows each of us to critique and fine-tune every question, ensuring that you get the most helpful and accurate resources.

At MedEd Neurology, you’re at the centre of the learning experience. Your feedback drives us to continuously provide up-to-date, detailed, and effective learning tools. We’re committed to equipping you with the knowledge needed for exam success and excellence in your clinical practice.

Come join us at MedEd Neurology, where we’re turning the dream of revolutionising neurology learning into reality.